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Sara Cenci
CoFounder & Executive Director / President / Head Coach u16-u19 Elite 

Coach Sara is one of the founding members of the Krossfire Field Hockey Club.  She currently holds positions as Executive Director and Head Coach for the u16-u19 levels. As Executive Director Coach Sara oversees all daily operations, scheduling and tournament play. Concurrent to her role as Director, she brings broad knowledge to our u16-u19 players, preparing them for collegiate play.  Coach has had an extensive career in her youth and participated in the USA Field Hockey Futures program and the Delaware USA Abroad Team.  Her passion continued as she attended Swathmore College and competed in all eligible seasons, Forward being her primary position, and was Multi-Conference Player of the Week.  Coach Sara continued her path and began coaching at the Recreation Level for Kingsway. It was there that the Kingsway Elite Travel team came to fruition, and later a full club transition to Krossfire FHC.  Coach Sara has 10+ years coaching youth sports and is SafeSport Certified.  Coach is a Healthcare Consultant at Huron.  Coach Sara is extremely proficient in offensive strategies and advanced individual skills.  Coach thrives when guiding players through their college recruitment process and offers continued support throughout their college years, welcoming many past players to coach on their off seasons.   

Kelly Gibbons
Director of Player Development u10-u19 / Vice President / Head Coach u14 Elite

Coach Kelly has been with our Krossfire family for seven years.  She is currently our Director of Player Development, creating meaningful curricula for all players at u10-u19, ensuring our players have the necessary skill to excel at the next age level.  Coach is extremely proficient in game play and advanced individual skills and has a passion for sharing that knowledge.  She is a student of the sport, always learning new strategies to bring back to our teams. Coach Kelly always finds the right approach with each individual player.  Building confidence, while encouraging and challenging players of all levels is paramount to Coach.  Concurrent to Director of Player Development, Coach also leads our u14 Elite team, and frequently attends practices and tournaments for all teams u12-u19.  She attended Kean University and Western Governors University.  Midfield was Coach’s primary field position in her younger years.  She is a Special Education Teaching Assistant.  Coach has 13+ years coaching youth sports at various levels.  Coach Kelly is SafeSport Certified.   She holds a certification as an Umpire for West Chapter 5 in South Jersey and USA Field Hockey.  She is active in her community’s Recreational Field Hockey League as a Town Lead and Coach.  Coach Kelly is one of our most beloved coaches and is known for her personability, knowledge, caring, and competitiveness. 

Michele Gasparovic
Director of Membership & Communication / Board Member / Head Coach u12 Elite

Coach Michele has been with our Krossfire Family for three years.  She currently holds title as one of our Club Directors, ensuring the future of Krossfire with important administrative duties.  Coach is incredibly passionate and has expansive knowledge in the sport of field hockey.  Concurrent to Club Director, Coach also leads our u12 Elite team and can be found at practices ranging from u12-u14.  Coach Michele attended Rowan University and was a career Midfielder, garnering respect during her time as a 2x Team Captain and three-year starter.  Coach is a Middle School Mathematics Teacher.  Coach has 21+ years coaching youth sports and is SafeSport Certified. She holds a certification as an Umpire for West Chapter 5 in South Jersey and USA Field Hockey.  She is also active in her community’s Recreational Field Hockey League.  Coach Michele is a defensive strategies specialist, and excels during practices and tournament play, sharing her vast knowledge with all players.  Coach’s passion is visible on field and off when engaging with players, growing the game is always forefront for Coach Michele, as she guides players of all ages through their club hockey journey.

Collin Cenci
Head Coach u10 / Board Member / u16-u19 Assistant Coach

Coach Collin has been with the Krossfire family for seven years. Coach Colin currently holds position as our u10 Head Coach.  He does an amazing job with our littles and teaches our young athletes competitiveness, skill and confidence. He can also be found at many u16-u19 practices and tournaments assisting coaches. Coach Colin attended ODU and served in the United States Air Force.  He was also formidable soccer player in his youth and is SafeSport Certified.   Coach began his journey with the club leading fitness workouts, as a Crossfit Level 1 trainer.   He transitioned into full coaching after returning home from his military service.  Coach Colin is all in when he hits the pitch with his players, he is a passionate coach, challenging his players to strive for excellence.  He has an amazing rapport with our younger group and often has his team smiling throughout practices.  At our older levels, Coach is a driving force, teaching mental and physical discipline on and off the field.

Tracey LeFever Hamilton
Head Coach u16-19

Coach Tracey has been with our Krossfire family for three years.  She currently holds a position as a Head u16/u19 coach, utilizing her vast years of experience to cultivate a challenging and structured learning environment.  Coach earned her degree from Central Michigan University and thrived as a Defensive back during her schooling.   Coach Tracey has over 22+ years experience coaching youth sports.  Her accolades include, but aren’t limited to a Graduate Coaching Assistant at CMU, time as Head Coach at Hammonton High School, as well as an Assistant Coach at Ocean City High School.  She enjoys summers hosting Sandy Sticks Field Hockey Camp in OCNJ.  Coach is currently a School Guidance Counselor.  She is also active with the Ocean City Recreational Field Hockey teams. Coach Tracey  specializes in defensive positioning and strategies.  Her expertise on game play is expansive, encompassing all areas from an offensive press to goal keeping.   She conveys a calm demeanor when coaching our young players and gives much individual guidance keeping players focused on their goals. She is an asset not only to the club, but to every player she encounters.  Her passion for the game is unrivaled.

Lisa Smith
Treasurer & Administrator / u10-u14 Assistant Coach

Coach Lisa has been with the Krossfire Family for seven years.  She currently holds the position as an Administrator, assisting with tournament scheduling, fundraising events, parent communications and many daily operational duties.  Concurrent to her role as Administrator, Coach Lisa is also an integral part to our u10-u14 teams, assisting coaches at practices and tournaments. Coach attended West Virginia Wesleyan and Rowan University, earning a BSN and is now a Registered Emergency Room Nurse.  Coach was a midfielder in her younger years and has 7+ years coaching and is SafeSport Certified.  Coach Lisa enjoys having an active role in the South Jersey Recreational League and has coached for Pitman Middle School. She is also a great resource for parents when general questions arise concerning tournaments.   Coach is dedicated to the excellence of Krossfire, on the field and in the office.

Meg McLaughlin
Head Goalie Coach u10-u19

Coach Meg has been with our Krossfire Family for four years.  She currently holds position as Head Goalie Coach for the club.  Coach is not only extremely knowledgeable in her craft but is also very personable, balancing grit and fun, ensuring a competitive, and challenging training environment.  Coach attended the University of Mary Washington and is a Certified EMT.  Goalkeeper was Coach Megs primary field position.  Coach’s accomplishments include but aren’t limited to, CAC defensive player of the week, a #10 season national ranking for DIII, and most recently bringing home the Gold for Big Apple FHC in Barbados.  Coach has 7+ years coaching youth sports and has coached at various levels, including time as PVI High School Head Goalkeeping Coach. She also enjoyed time with the Marlton Recreation Field Hockey League.   Coach eats, breathes and sleeps Goalkeeping.  She excels in areas of defensive strategies and defensive circle play.  Coach Meg's career in cage began in second grade, enabling her to empathize with our younger goalies, and any fears or hesitations. Coach's experience being the head of a Defensive formation also helps her guide our established Goal Keepers mentally and physically through the ups and down they may experience in their own journeys with play. Coach Meg is an invaluable resource to our players and club.

Robin Veale
Assistant Coach u16-19

Coach Robin has been with our Krossfire Family for one year.  She currently holds position as an Assistant Coach for u16/u19, as well as an assistant to our Goalie Coach.  Coach offers an easy going, honest approach her to coaching, connecting with players at all levels. She attended Widener University and Rutgers University. Striking Forward was her primary field position in younger years.  Coach Robin works as a Clinician and holds a position as a School Social Worker.  She has over 15+ years coaching youth sports at various levels and enjoys time as Coach at Woodstown High School.  Coach is SafeSport Certified.  Offensive attacking is just one of Coach Robin's areas of specialty and she is an invaluable resource to our goalies when practicing an attacking offensive press scenario.  Coach has vast knowledge of the game, and we are very happy to have her on our staff.

Allie Robinson
Assistant Coach u12-u19

Coach Allie has only been with our Krossfire family for a short time, but has made a significant impact, engaging and connecting with our young players and sharing her experience and knowledge of the game. She currently holds a position assisting at the u12-u19 levels.  Coach attended RCSJ Cumberland and Rowan University.  Coach Allie’s primary field position was Forward.  She has 7+ months coaching youth sports and currently coaches at Cumberland Regional High School. She possesses multiple coaching certs and is CPR certified. Coach has a quiet, patient demeanor and always takes time with individual players during practice.   Coach Allie is currently employed as a Server. Coach is proficient in attacking formations and excels in offensive skills.  Coach Allie is a very determined individual and enjoys teaching techniques to players of all skill levels.  We are so pleased to welcome her to the coaching staff!

Amber Gore
Assistant Coach u12-u19

Coach Amber is new to our Krossfire Family.  Coach had always dreamed of living in a big city but found her way back to South Jersey and now lives right next to her childhood home.  And boy, we are so happy that she did!  Coach currently holds position as an Assistant u12-u19 Coach.  Coach Amber brings an exciting enthusiasm to the game for our younger players and is invaluable to our players getting ready to transfer into their collegiate prospects.  Coach attended Long Island University.  She was a career Forward and has the prestigious honor of being a 2x Field Hockey All American. Coach has 3+ years coaching youth sports.  She is also active in the Kingsway Youth Field Hockey League.  She is currently employed as a Finance Manager for a government contractor.  Coach specializes in offensive strategies and striking.  She also excels at reading a field and challenges our player to look at the field through a different lens.  Coach Amber is a wonderful addition to our coaching staff.

Alexa Sofranko
Assistant Coach u12-u19

Coach Alexa has only been with our Krossfire family for a short period of time but has made an incredible impact since arriving.  She currently holds an Assistant coaching position at the u12-u14 level. Coach is always eager to teach and answer questions prompted by players.  She guides and encourages our young players throughout the entirety of their practice times.  Coach has 1+ years experience coaching youth sports.  She attended Penn State University.  Coach’s primary field position was Defender in her younger years.  Coach specializes in defensive strategies and deceptions.  She currently works as a Healthcare Transformation Consultant.  She also holds a Real Estate License.  Coach Alexa is enthusiastic and is ready to share her love of the game with our young players. Also be on the lookout for a special guest during outdoor play, for her adorable new puppy Cooper, a Vizsula, who is just as amazing as Coach Alexa!

Kaycee Zelkovsky
Assistant Coach u12-u19

Coach Kaycee has been with our Krossfire family for just over a year.  Coach Kaycee provides a welcoming, fun, personalized coaching experience to all players.  Coach Kaycee attended Long Island University and excelled as a Midfielder, earning All-American honors during her time. We are so pleased to welcome her to our Staff!

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